Silvija Lučevnjak, curator

Was born in 1963. She studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and in 1991 received a degree in comparative literature, art history and librarianship. Since 1999 she has been a curator and director of the Našice Local History Museum. She has dedicated herself to research and presentation and popularization of the heritage of the Našice area, both in her work in her parent institution, and in activities under the aegis of other associations, particularly the local branch of the Croatian Matrix. She participates in the organization of some local events such as Days of Franciscan Culture, the Dora Pejačević Memorial, the Hinko Juhn Artistic Ceramic Colony, Slavonian Forests Days Festival, Hiking Week. She publishes specialized articles in catalogues of exhibitions, in periodicals and miscellanies, and has edited a number of local history editions on various topics. Since 2000 she has organized in Našice meetings of the Art Historians Section in the Eastern Croatia Museum Association. For achievements in her work, in 2001 she was awarded the annual Osijek-Baranja County Culture Prize.

She co-curated with Jasminka Najcer Sabljak the exhibition The Art Heritage of Pejačević Family (2013). For the achievements in their work on the exhibition and catalogue they received the annual Osijek and Baranja County Prize for Culture, the Radovan Ivančević Accolade of the Association of Art Historians of Croatia for advancing and promoting art history, and the annual Prize of the Croatian Museum Association for an investigative exhibition project.

Silvija Lučevnjak, curator/director; Našice Local History Museum, Našice