Art History in Educational Context

Art (History) in Educational Contexts – Programme and Book of Abstracts

CFP: Art (History) in Educational Contexts,
10-11_February 2023, Zagreb

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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia, 10 – 11 February 2023

Deadline: 30 November 2022
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The conference Art (History) in Educational Contexts aims to bring together academics and experts in the field of art history and visual arts education in formal, nonformal and informal contexts. In the field of formal education, topics could include all education levels (from elementary schools to higher education). The emphasis is placed on exploring relationships between local, regional and/or national educational policies and education in the fields of visual arts and art history, both diachronically and synchronically. In informal education, the conference welcomes papers on museum programmes that in different ways focus on or incorporate visual arts and art history. In nonformal education, art history and visual arts could be explored through various courses in lifelong education. Papers should be based on investigation of art works through different interpretative and educational approaches, which excludes practical aspects of art production.

We welcome academics and experts, school teachers, museum educators, art mediators and similar professions who would like to participate in the conference with:

  • academic papers that present theoretical and empirical research on different uses and approaches of art history and visual arts in education
  • professional papers that present innovative and creative practical approaches to the topic of art history and visual arts education in different contexts

A number of issues that the conference aims to explore fall under two broad topics.

Educational policies

The aim is to provide insight into how educational policies influence the design of the curriculum of art history and visual arts as school subjects or courses, as well the status of these subjects at all educational levels (from elementary school to university studies). The topic also includes history of art history teaching at universities.


The topic includes methodologies of teaching visual arts and art history at all educational levels, and within all types of educational contexts (formal, nonformal, informal) such as the role of art history in the contemporary educational discourse through its importance in integral development of individuals, development of their critical thinking, creativity, and/or visual and multimodal literacies, and the use of digital technology in art history and visual arts education. Relationships between different educational contexts (eg. schools and museums) are a special issue within this topic that warrant academic and professional research.

As a topic that can provide almost limitless possibilities for reviewing, expanding and deepening current understandings, pedagogies can be related to a range of other issues concerning history of art in educational contexts.

The official language of the conference is English.


Important dates:

Deadline for the submission of proposals is 30 November 2022 Contributors will receive notification of acceptance by 15 December 2022
Registration: 3 January 2023
Conference fee payment: 13 January 2023
Conference: 10 February and 11 February 2023
Deadline for full paper submission is 15 June 2023


Art History in Educational Context international conference will take place at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, from 10 to 11 February 2023. It will be organized within the project “Art and the State in Croatia from the Enlightenment to the Present”, IP-2018-01-9364, funded by the Croatian Sciences Foundation.